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good heavens, it’s the hemel-en-aarde!

Rumour has it, the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley has something special about it. A rumour based on facts, in fact.

So, what makes it so special exactly? 

Could it be the views? Yes, the views are special. ‘Majestic’ might be a more appropriate description however.

Hemel en Aarde Valley Self-Catering Accommodation

Perhaps it’s the wildlife and fynbos? The diversity of the Hemel-en-Aarde’s fauna and flora is almost infinite. To add to that, 96% of Spookfontein Farm’s 313 hectares is untouched natural habitat. Only 4% of the farm lies under vine and olive grove. That is rather special. So special that renowned environmentalist, Dave Pepler, wrote an article about it here.

Dave Pepler

Oh, and here's a buck. We have quite a few trotting about.

And the outdoor activities? Well, it is full of breathtaking hikes and mountain bike trails, perfect for those seeking an adventure. The infamous Caledon to Hermanus mountain bike route meanders through our very farm! 

If you needed more convincing, the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley is also conveniently close to Cape Town, and just down the road from the bustling seaside town of Hermanus. For an extra-special experience, why not add a few hours of whale watching to your wine getaway? 

But there’s something our winemaker, Nelis Uys, finds extra special about Spookfontein and the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley — the terroir.

That’s right, it’s the klippies beneath his feet, the mountains that flank the valley and the weather that comes and goes that gets Nelis hot under the collar. And it’s no wonder a visionary winemaker like him would hot-foot for the hills of the Hemel-en-Aarde valley. Its unique combination of soil types, the topography and climate create the ideal terroir for crafting sensational wines with distinct characteristics. Give our wines a try here.

So how about a brief introduction to the rocks, soil, hills, and weather (the terroir) of Spookfontein Wine Farm? Sound thrilling?

Then read our next article, ‘The Terrific Terroir of Spookfontein’.

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