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Spookfontein Restaurant

“An homage to nature” - Spookfontein’s architectural inspiration

DJ of Ghost Fountain Design tells us about his inspiration and process for the restaurant and tasting room

By: Susan Tissiman


The Spookfontein cellar, restaurant and new tasting room site was always destined for its extraordinary vantage point. “From day one, when Spookfontein vines were newly planted and the restaurant just an idea, the owners had always envisaged it being right here.” says DJ Carr, the architect who lives his everyday dream as resident on the Spookfontein farm itself.

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Spookfontein Restaurant update

Insights from Charl, our head chef, on the philosophy and vision behind the food, as well as current and new offerings.


The Spookfontein restaurant was established by long-time partners Vaughan, Charl & Francois in 2016, after having built up considerable combined local and international experience in the industry. Head chef, Charl, describes the restaurant as a real passion project and credits their long-term partnership with creating the collaborative foundation that allows him to live out his food fantasy: “We respect each other inside the business and that flows through how we treat the ingredients and ultimately, our food. We have a lot of fun and just enjoy being here.”

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